Marching Band Productions




A creative and clever version of one of the most incredible ballets ever written.  Music that is challenging yet achievable, that your students will love to play & your audience will love to hear.  First performed by the Legacy HS Marching Band from Broomfield, Colorado.


The Dark Side of Space


The Dark Side of Space was inspired by some of the most exciting music ever written about the outer space.  This show was first performed by the 2018 Cedar Rapids Jefferson HS Band of Blue.  Very clever, extremely effective and above all fun & educational for your students. This will surely be a fan favorite for your parents and audience. 


By George

Arranged by Matt Harloff

Inspired by the saying “By George” and using nothing but composers named George, this incredibly popular show was first performed by the 2012 George Walton HS Marching Band.  Effective, educational and fun for your students and audience … this is a MUST DO!!!!



Arranged by Matt Harloff

Using one of the most well-known opera characters as inspiration for this soundtrack, the show Figaro is an incredible show that will showcase your students.  This show is VERY exciting & beautiful … creatively put together and very clever.


Howl at the Moon

Arranged by Matt Harloff

Howl at the Moon uses the wolf as the main character and was inspired by various music written about the moon or the wolf.  This show was first performed by the 2013 Castle Marching Knights. Effective, educational and fun for your students and audience … options for visual & music effect are endless!!!!


The Red Gypsy

Arranged by Matt Harloff

This is a fun show that will be a favorite to your students & audience.  Features a tambourine solo that could spark many different visual ideas.  The show ends with an incredible arrangement of the most well know song from the Carmen Opera, Habanera.



Arranged by Matt Harloff

This show not only uses source music that is somehow connected to the number 7, it very creatively uses the number 7 within the arrangement: 7/8 time signature, the 7thscale degree and rhythmic motifs that are based around the number 7.  This musical soundtrack is VERY effective, creative and above all clever.


The Undead Curse

Arranged by Matt Harloff

Using the Toccata & Fugue in D Minor as a through line, The Undead Curse was inspired bu the famous dark character Dracula. This marching band arrangement has a completely different take on some of the most awesome pieces ever written. Special care was taken to make sure that this arrangement was very creative, yet stayed true to the original all while making sure that it is achievable for the students.  This soundtrack is very creative and will be a huge hit for your students.