Written by Matt & Ben Harloff

Product Description

INSIDE THE CIRCLE: A Proven Method for a Successful Marching Band represents the fruition of many years of personal discipline and spirited discovery; it is the outcome of countless hours of hand-on-research in the ongoing quest to find the certain pathway to excellence.

The method in this e-book is focused not only on student musical development, but that development while applying visual responsibilities. The motto of this technique is “keep it simple” so that students can have a uniform approach to the many different responsibilities on the marching band field.

The book is separated into 3 different chapters. The Full Ensemble chapter has exercises for your entire ensemble as well as a detailed description of the technique program.

It comes with rehearsal suggestions and the very popular “Quick Comments for Students.” The motivation for the brass & woodwind chapters is to focus on developing skills specific to the brass and woodwind family.

The brass and woodwind chapters will take your students to the next level and can be used throughout your school year.

This product includes a director's score and method book, as well as individual parts that may be printed for your students.

Testimonials and Reviews

"Inside the Circle is a core component of our fundamentals program at Blue Springs.   The well thought-out exercises; paired with concise “buzz-word” reminders to the students and insightful suggestions to the directors makes this program a unique and extremely effective foundation to any marching program." -- Tim Allshouse, Director of Bands at Blue Springs HS

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