Written by Matt & Ben Harloff

Product Description

In the athletic world, maintaining 50-60% fitness takes less effort than starting from scratch. The same statement can be applied to the marching band. In every discipline students can lose valuable skills during an off-season period. 

  • The team will then have to take a great deal of time to rebuild those skills when the season begins.

  • This book will help students maintain and build skills during the off-season.

  • You will find easy-to-learn exercises to help veteran marching band students’ maintain and build on their foundation while beginning to develop new student’s skills.

  • This book is not intended to replace the concert season program.

  • In fact, the program is set up to enhance your concert band program. We believe concert band should be the nucleus of the entire band program.

  • The program offers a refreshing plan that will enhance the daily winter routine, help students play concert band music at a higher level and create an off-season training program for the marching band.

This product includes a director's score and method book, as well as individual parts that may be printed for your students.

Testimonials and Reviews

"The technique and demands placed on today's marching students have never been higher. How much easier would each fall be if your band did not have to start from scratch? What if your students had a way to stay in contact with the technique of a marching band season, without taking anything away from the concert season? Obviously the benefits could be huge. That is the direction of "Inside the Circle: Off-Season Training for the Marching Band." -- Greg Bimm, Marian Catholic Director of Bands.

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