Inside the Circle, Volume 2

Skill Sets for the Marching Band

Part of the Inside the Circle Method Book series, Skill Sets for the Marching Band offers access to a treasury of pedagogical solutions to promote excellence, daily routines, and a basis for performance mastery.


Inside the Circle, Volume 1

A Proven Method for a Succesful Marching Band

INSIDE THE CIRCLE: A Proven Method for a Successful Marching Band represents the fruition of many years of personal discipline and spirited discovery; it is the outcome of countless hours of hand-on-research in the ongoing quest to find the certain pathway to excellence.


Inside the Circle

Off-Season Training

In the athletic world, maintaining 50-60% fitness takes less effort than starting from scratch. The same statement can be applied to the marching band. In every discipline students can lose valuable skills during an off-season period. 


Release Your Sound

A Consistent Approach to the Trumpet

Are you ready to discover what it takes to "Release Your Sound"? If so, then this is the instructional DVD for you. Designed to be the "practice buddy" each student needs that would model a good sound and a good approach to playing the instrument. With sound being the most important and unique quality that a musician strives for, the focus of this DVD/book is for the student to find "your sound" and to never ever lose it. Whether slurring, tonguing, playing load, playing soft, playing high or playing low your sound must be consistent. The same sound, the same approach.